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  1. 1. As the only Truro visitor information center, we aid in excess of 25,000 visitors to our area each season. We refer visitors to our member businesses, to our beaches, to our favorite spots.  Sending them on their way with directions, often a little history, and our good wishes.  In addition to information, we also provide the only visible bathroom facility for the traveling public.

  2. 2. Our members can display their brochures on the racks provided at our booth, which is open to the public 7 days a week during the season and weekends on the shoulder seasons.  Our courteous and knowledgeable staff is more than happy to pass on members information. We will also be offering  TRURO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MEMBER decals for our members to display at their place of business. 

  3. 3. We promote the image of Truro as a great place to visit and enjoy natures bounty and unspoiled beauty.

  4. 4. We publish in excess of 20,000 booklets annually.  They are distributed world wide in response to written, e-mail and telephone requests for information on Truro.  We also distribute them at the Cape Cod Chamber Booths in Hyannis and Plymouth, to help guide visitors to our area.  They are also available at member’s places of business and at centrally located places (such as Town Hall).  We have had many positive comments on the content and appearance of our booklet.

  5. 5. We offer our members an opportunity to be listed on our website, and link to their own, which broadens considerably their individual marketing efforts.

  6. 6. We support events of historic or economic importance to our Truro community.  We support local events and organizations with donations, contributions, and volunteers.

  7. 7. We are non-political, but we call the attention of our member to hearings and meetings which may  be of importance to our business community.

  8. 8. Our members are offered an opportunity to acquire group health insurance, from several different plans,  through Health Service Administrators (HSA).

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Regular Membership entitles the member to vote on any issue brought before the membership; to vote in all elections; to hold office in the organization. Only Regular Members are allowed to advertise in the brochure. Members who choose not to advertise will be listed in the brochure directory and on our web page.

Truro Chamber of Commerce

Visit the Truro Chamber of Commerce Information BoothRoute 6 at Head of the Meadow Road in North Truro508.487.1288

“We saw the sunset in the Bay, -- for standing on that narrow Cape was, as I have said, like being on the deck of a vessel... this sight drove everything else quite out of our heads... the shining torch of the sun fell into the ocean.”
Henry David Thoreau