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Below you will find accommodation listings for Truro and the surrounding Cape Cod area. No matter where you choose to stay, you will not be far from the beach. Many hotels and motels are located on a beach, while others have views of the beach. Enjoy your stay!


Adventure Bound Camping Resorts - Cape Cod, 46 Highland Road, North Truro, 508.487.1847

North of Highland Camping Area, Box 297, North Truro, 508.487.1191


EZ Rest Cottages, 22 Shore Rd., P.O. Box 836, North Truro, 508.487.1895

Hi-Land View Cottages, Box 164, North Truro, 508.487.3137

Outer Coast Vacation Rentals, Ocean Bluff Cottages, North Truro, 413.532.3221

Seascent Pines Cottages, Castle Road, Truro, 508.349.7497

Shady Rest Cottages, Box 172, Truro, 508.349.9410

Hotels - Motels - Guest Houses

Blue Sea Motor Inn, Route 6A, North Truro, Box 537 Provincetown, 508.487.1041

Braemar Condominiums, 132 Shore Road, North Truro, 508.487.2207

Cape View Motel, Route 6, Box 114, North Truro, 800.224.3232

Crow's Nest Resort, Box 177, North Truro, 800.499.9799

Horizons Beach Resort, Box 146, North Truro, 800.782.0742

Kalmar Village, Box 745 North Truro, 508.487.0585

Outer Reach Resort, Route 6, North Truro, 1.800.whale vu

The Gingerbread House, 42 Depot Road, Truro, 508.349.2596

The Moorlands Inn, Box 384, North Truro, 508.487.0663

Top Mast Resort, Box 44, North Truro, 800.917.0024

Truro Waterfront Homes, Truro, 508.224.2222

White Village Inc., Route 6A, North Truro, 508.487.3014



We Need a Vacation.Com, 15 Cape Lane, Brewster 02631, 774.323.3911

Truro Chamber of Commerce

Visit the Truro Chamber of Commerce Information BoothRoute 6 at Head of the Meadow Road in North Truro508.487.1288

“We saw the sunset in the Bay, -- for standing on that narrow Cape was, as I have said, like being on the deck of a vessel... this sight drove everything else quite out of our heads... the shining torch of the sun fell into the ocean.”
Henry David Thoreau